Class Highlights » 8th grade

8th grade

8th grade year is the capstone of Saint Bede’s program. Our 8th graders learn to serve as mentors and leaders of their school community as they assume the role of faith family leaders during school masses and other regularly scheduled activities and assemblies. 8th graders develop connections to their community and as they plan and undertake independent service learning projects each trimester. Additionally, the students develop their growth mindset and spirit of perseverance as they complete a challenging curriculum with a balanced use of technology, science classes that focus on learning physical science through hands-on activities and a math curriculum centered on Algebra. They develop their minds and spirits as they take part in an overnight spiritual retreat and participate in field trips such as a tour of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As our graduating class prepares for their transition to high school, we strive everyday to help them reach their full potential as faith-filled individuals, caring citizens and lifelong learners.