Class Highlights » 2nd grade

2nd grade


In 2nd Grade, we start off the year with enthusiasm as we get to know each with exciting community building activities. We learn how to use positive words and cultivate a growth mindset to use throughout the whole school year. We value the importance of four things: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be an Active Listener and Do Your Best. 2nd Grade is a big year for students as they prepare for two very important sacraments, First Reconciliation and First

Communion. As Faith-Filled Learners, we learn how to be disciples of Jesus and to follow his example by reading the bible, learning about the saints, and understanding the parts of Mass. We participate in a retreat to prepare our hearts for the sacraments. We also continue the Language Arts program in Superkids, an ELA program initiated in Kindergarten. We read all about the Superkids adventures in second grade while continuing to learn about decoding and comprehension skills. In the Superkids program, students read chapter books and SUPER magazines in Book Clubs. Students meet regularly in small book club groups to discuss their readings with each other. It’s also important to know our numbers facts and three-digit addition and subtraction. Our Go Math program and Mathletics website help us understand and practice these important skills. Students love Mystery Science investigations online as we learn about animal and plant habitats and adaptations, the work of water and phases of matter. In Social Studies, we read monthly Scholastic magazines about current events and explore Studies Weekly articles to learn about mapping, how the government works and being a responsible citizen. We do reports on our ancestors and people who have made a difference. 2nd Grade is filled with opportunities for students to work to potential in all aspects of creativity, including technology.