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Safety & Security on Campus

The Mission of St. Bede Catholic School is to be a safe, inclusive, Catholic community, where students reach their fullest potential.  We strive to ensure that each student enrolled at our school is provided with a safe, caring, nurturing, and Catholic environment that promotes their physical and mental well-being. 

We abide by the following school procedures to ensure that our mission of being a safe, inclusive, Catholic community are met:


Supervision and Protection from Predators:

Please be advised that all volunteers working at St. Bede Catholic School will be screened according to the “Megan’s Law” criteria. According to Diocesan policy and state law, all Staff members and volunteers that work within the school and their volunteer positions in any capacity must be fingerprinted and cleared through Live Scan. All staff and volunteers at St. Bede Catholic School must take the on-line course “Safe Environment for Children” within the school’s three-year cycle. Each year new families to the school must complete the on-line course prior to volunteering in any capacity within the school. This training is available online at: https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/.

Visitors on School Grounds:

All volunteers must sign in at the school office prior to performing volunteer jobs and obtain visitor badges. These badges must be visible to staff members at all times. No unauthorized persons are allowed in the halls, yard or classrooms during school hours. Loitering on campus or in the school building without a specific purpose verified by a staff member distracts employees from their duties. No parents may visit a classroom during school hours unless provision has been made for this through the principal.


Parents wishing to meet with teachers shall enter through the office and check with the school office manager to guarantee teacher availability. Parents and guardians may not “drop-in” to the classroom without prior approval. Ordinarily, conferences will be scheduled and verified in advance by note or phone call. All visitors must sign in at the school office.

Technology/Social Media: 

Although we do use technology in our classrooms, St. Bede Catholic School has a strict policy against cell phones or other digital devices at school.  Students must adhere to the Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy.  All students, parents, and staff members are required to sign the school and diocesan Technology Responsible Use Policy Computers, the Internet, and other forms of technology are intended to facilitate learning according to Diocesan and state standards. 

Social/Emotional Support:  

Our teachers and staff continue to attend professional development workshops to focus on relationship building and promoting a growth mindset.  A school counselor is available on site to assist students and lead small friendship groups.  We also have two learning support coordinators to address student learning needs.  They work one-on-one with students, lead small group discussions, and teach study skills.