Class Highlights » TK/Kindergarten


In TK/K, we teach everything under the umbrella of Catholic Identity as it is our main focus for all that we do in every subject. Our Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) are taught to promote being a caring, faith-filled, lifelong learner. Students will have many opportunities throughout the year to engage in hands-on learning activities to practice their motor skills and make learning connections. All of our adopted programs are Common Core and Ca. State Standard aligned. For ELA, our class thrives with the Superkids program, where concepts like letter names/sounds, decoding skills, and nurturing a love for reading are connected to unique characters that go on fun adventures together (via exclusive videos and activities). For Math, we follow the Go Math! series which has aligned components to learn number sense, algebra, measurement, geometry, and comparing and sorting data. Our Science and Social Studies programs offer studies around our own community and region in the Bay Area. Specialty classes like Art, Music, and P.E. are also offered each week and allow our class to learn in expressive and playful ways, while still mastering their learning goals. Technology is interwoven into all subjects and allow students to strengthen their skills in various ways to complete special projects, encourage digital communications, and invite students to familiarize themselves with our growing digital world.