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5th grade


In the 5th grade, there are many project-based opportunities to bring learning to life! What my students look forward to the most is our Christmas Around the World Celebration, where they research how different countries celebrate the holidays! Then they work together to create persuasive videos to show their families at our potluck celebration. The 5th graders love creating new inventions to prepare for Shark Tank! They create a website, flyers, and a commercial for their new invention and pitch their idea to the sharks. Our big project at the end of the year is our state reports. Students get to work on their informational writing skills to research, draft, and edit their reports. Then they create beautiful displays to showcase at our annual State Fair.


Christmas Around the World 2020
This year, the c/o 2024 hosted a virtual Christmas Around the World event. Each student had to choose a country to research for their project. The 5th graders looked into traditional foods, places to visit, and traditions celebrated around the holidays. Then they wrote a script and narrated it on Adobe Spark. Each student in the class formed 60-90 second commercials about their country. Mrs. Chen then compiled all of the videos into one main video for our families to watch. During this video, you will travel all around the world to many different places. We hope you enjoy our Christmas Around the World celebration!