Class Highlights » 4th grade

4th grade


In Religions, we will be learning about virtues, Saints, and Bible stories. We will strengthen our relationship with Jesus through prayer and service. We will celebrate our religious holidays with projects and parties. 
In English Language Arts, the core of our focus is Literature and informational text. We will read 4 novels; Matilda, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone, Esmeralda Rising, and Number the Stars. We have weekly vocabulary & spelling words, as well as grammar and phonics!
In Math, we begin the year with place value before moving into multiple digit multiplication & division, fractions & decimals, order of operations, data & measurement, and end the year learning area and perimeter in geometry.
In Writing, students will take our paragraph writing skills and learn to develop multi-paragraph essays including personal narratives, research papers, formal and informal letters, imaginative stories, poems, plays, and write a class book!
In Social Studies this year, we will learn about the history of California! This includes Indigenous tribes, the Mission System, the Mexican-American War, Compromise of 1850, California's Constitution, and how our government works through a mock legislature!
In Science, we begin by learning about the functions of living structures; how they grow and use their body parts and senses! Then we will study Earth's geology by examining volcanoes, rocks, and fossils. We end the year studying energy & electricity!