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  • Music Mondays - 3:04 Music Mondays - "Open My Eyes" by Jesse Manibusan

    Music Monday (#5)
    Happy Music Monday!
    "Open My Eyes" by Jesse Manibusan. © 1988, 1999.

    In this Music Monday video: Sung by Maddie Coronel and accompanied by Amir Aslanbaigi. Maddie is active in the music ministry as a member of the Children's Choir.
    "Music Mondays" is a project by our Music Ministry featuring weekly videos of member(s) sharing a Liturgical song with you all. We invite you to sing and pray along!

    Uploaded Sep 02, 2020 to Community
  • The Whole World is Waiting for Love is an Advent hymn written by Sr. Marianne Misetich SNJM and was first published in 1977.4:59 The Whole Word is Waiting for Love

    Music Monday (#13)

    The Whole World is Waiting for Love is an Advent hymn written by Sr. Marianne Misetich SNJM and was first published in 1977.

    In this Music Monday video: Sung by St. Bede Students and alumni who are active members of Our Lady of Angels Children Choir. Danica Gregorio on the piano, Amir Aslanbaigi on the keyboard and Bass guitar.

    Permission to podcast/stream the music is obtained from ONE LICENSE, A-733975. All rights reserved.

    Uploaded Jan 11, 2021
  • 2020-2021 Student Leadership Officers 5:29 2020-2021 Student Leadership Officers

    Congratulations to our newly elected student leaders! Each officer recorded a video to introduce themselves, so you can get to know them. We are so excited to have them represent our school.

    Uploaded Oct 20, 2020
  • 5:35 Giving Thanks

    We at St. Bede Catholic School have so much to be thankful for. The student leadership group asked families to send in a video saying what they are most grateful for. Our Vice President, Sharlene put together this video to share their responses.

    Uploaded Nov 23, 2020
  • 36:20 Christmas Around the World

    This year, the c/o 2024 hosted a virtual Christmas Around the World event. Each student had to choose a country to research for their project. The 5th graders looked into traditional foods, places to visit, and traditions celebrated around the holidays. Then they wrote a script and narrated it on Adobe Spark. Each student in the class formed 60-90 second commercials about their country. Mrs. Chen then compiled all of the videos into one main video for our families to watch. During this video, you will travel all around the world to many different places. We hope you enjoy our Christmas Around the World celebration!

    Uploaded Dec 18, 2020

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