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St. Bede Catholic School and Parish offer sports programs for girls and boys who attend the parish school, faith formation or live within the boundaries of the parish. The importance of being a student athlete is emphasized with the children, and participating in sports is seen as a privilege rather than an expectation. These programs are offered through the Girls Athletic Program (GAP) and the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). In our efforts to form children to be hard-working, responsible, and caring individuals, both CYO and GAP expect that student athletes of St. Bede Parish: 
  • Strive for academic excellence. Our participants must understand that their first priority is to focus on academics as well as being an athlete in the CYO or GAP program.
  • Demonstrate good citizenship, a high degree of sportsmanship, honesty and respect at practice, during games, and in school.
  • Failure to comply with these conduct expectations may result in suspension from practice and/or games, which is determined by the head coach or Athletic Director.
  • Suspension or expulsion from school will result in an automatic suspension from practice and games until the head coach or Athletic Director allows permission for the athlete to actively participate in the sport. 
  • Attend school on a regular basis.
  • Student athletes who are absent from school are ineligible to practice or play in a game on the day of the absence.
  • Student athletes absent from school for more than 1 day, including Friday, can attend practice or games that are held on that Friday, Saturday and Sunday to support their teammates on the sidelines rather than be an active participant. 
Girls: The Girls Athletic Program (GAP) is a school-based program for girls (and boys in cross-country) in grades TK – 8. Teams are fielded in cheer/Peeps cheer, cross-country, volleyball, and basketball. While most girls come from the school, the program is open to anyone from St. Bede Parish. For more information, email Sylvia Feliciano at [email protected].
Boys: Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) cross-country, basketball and volleyball (grades 5-8) is available to boys in grades 3 - 8 at St. Bede Catholic School. In addition, a peanuts basketball program is available for both boys and girls in grades TK – 2 that do not participate in the CYO program. These are both parish-based programs and do not come under the jurisdiction of the school. For more information, call St. Bede Catholic Parish at 782-2171 or CYO Athletic Director Matt Marino at (510) 461-3849.
Sports programs at St. Bede Catholic School

Sign-up Dates



Mid August


Boys CYO Basketball (BOYS CYO) –  (3rd-8th Grade)
Cross Country (GAP) –  (Co-ed boys and girls K-8th Grade. No TK)
Girls Cheerleading (GAP) -  (TK-8th Grade)
Girls Volleyball (GAP) -  (3rd-8th Grade)




Peanuts Basketball (BOYS CYO) - (Co-ed boys and girls TK-3rd Grade)




Girls Basketball (GAP) –  (3rd-8th Grade)




Track and Field (GAP) - (Co-ed boys and girls K-8th Grade. No TK)